Registration of Trademark in MEXICO. Registering a trademark in MEXICO never has been easier. To register your trademark in MEXICO count with our Law Firm and Consultants specialists in Trademark Law.

MEXICO Trademark Application.


» Do you want to make a Trademark Registration in Mexico?.
» Look for an Attorney for to register trademarks in Mexico?.
» Need an agent in which trust the Registration of Trademarks in Mexico?.
» Your problem is finding who care and ensure your portfolio of brands in Mexico?.

If you are reading these questions and the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place if you want to protect or register a trademark in Mexico. Our law firm has consultants and professionals who deal directly with the protection and permanent care of your trademarks in Mexico and the world. An extensive network of agents complement our team that will enable us to protect your brand not only in Mexico but in any country where you have commercial interest, to the best prices and in the shortest time.

The Industrial Property Law of Mexico defines as a trademark all visible signs that distinguish goods or services other of the same class or kind on the market, hence resolved then easy to understand why the value of a product lies in its trademark, given that the trademark is the nexus or link that allows consumers to differentiate products or services of one undertaking from those of other companies that devotes itself business.


Obtaining a right exlcusive on a trademark in Mexico is obtained with its registration with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI). This authority, after a study of the application, granted a registration or certificate which guarantees the possibility to use exclusively the trade mark in México in relation to certain products or services for a period of ten years, renewable for similar periods.


Our extensive experience in these matters allows us to cover all services in the field of trademark registration in Mexico. In this regard, we have proven experience in conducting searches of interference brands in Mexico, to determine if are available or belong to third; trademark applications in Mexico, this being a process where we put all our effort and knowledge to give legal coverage that marks its business needs, recording marks with a sense and comprehensive approach to protection, thereby preventing interested parties closer degree of confusion in the distinctive signs of your business and caring and defending portfolios trademarks in Mexico, giving a continuous monitoring all registered trademarks that competition, to avoid generating a likelihood of confusion that diverted the good will of our clients' brands to third party trademarks, thus perpetuating an act of unfair competition.


Relating to trade marks can also offer advice on business relating to licensing of trademark in Mexico and the organization of franchises.

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