Registration of Patent in MEXICO. Registering a PCT Patent in MEXICO National Stage never has been easier. To Register your Patent in Mexico count with our Law Firm, Agents and Consultants specialists in Patent Law in MEXICO.

Patent Application in Mexico PCT National Stage.


If you have a solution to a problem referring to a new product or process, then you need to seriously think about getting a patent in Mexico to protect this invention but given the possibility of exploiting in exclusive.

We provide to our clients the following services: 

» Presentation of patent registration in Mexico.
» Processing of PCT national stage in Mexico.
» Drafting and preparation of patent documents.
» Searches of patents, analysis of technological trends.
» Answer to requirements for official actions.
» Renewal presentation.
» Contract inscription.
» Presentation of appliances for modification of registrations.
» Annual payment for right maintenance.
» Presentation of opposition, nullity, expiration or cancellation of registration and legal actions conceived to avoid unfair competence.


» Presentation of patent registration in Mexico: The exclusive right of exploitation of a solution to a problem of technology obtained through its registration with the competent administrative authority. If we wish to have exclusive right of exploitation on an invention that gives us a competitive advantage on the competition by placing new products on the market to proceed with it registration. The administrative authority once considered the application for registration will confer a patent for the invention in question for a period of twenty years after its introduction. Our team of lawyers has specialized in filing and processing all applications of patent filings in Mexico as an effective way of protecting intellectual rights of our clients.

» Processing of PCT national phase in Mexico. We represent the interests of customers located abroad and using the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) seek to assert their patent rights in Mexico in its national phase.

» Registration of contracts and licenses to use patents in Mexico: If your market penetration strategy is to allow third parties use your patents in Mexico, require the registration of such license before the competent administrative authority to take legal effect to third. To do so not only can advise on the drafting of the respective licensing contract but we will urge the authority to register and recognize that license.

» Annuity payments for the maintenance of patent rights in Mexico. Maintain the existing exclusive rights to a patent in Mexico implies the payment of annuities to the competent administrative authority. We will make timely payments for the duration of patents that allow the enjoyment of intellectuals rights of our customers.

» Presentation of legal resources relating to patents in Mexico. Defending the interests of our clients we have specialized in the opposition, nullity, revocation or cancellation of records and legal actions aimed at prosecuting acts of unfair competition that allow our customers a proper enjoyment of their patent rights.

For the registration of a patent PCT national stage in Mexico needed the following documents:

1. Copy of the international application (containing a description, claims, abstract, drawings and descriptions of the drawings).
2. Copy of the international publication.
3. Copy of the search report.
4. Copy of the Preliminary Examination Report.
5. Power Of Attorney signed before two witnesses.

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