Patents in MEXICO. Attorneys and agents for patent register in MEXICO, patent PCT national stage, trademark application and Copy Rights. Licensing of patents and trademarks, unfair competition and litigation.

Trademark and Patent Application in Mexico.


We are an Intellectual Property consulting firm with a high level of expertise in the field of Copyright and Industrial Property in Mexico. We cover all services that the practice of this legal discipline includes and so we have particularly experience in relation to the patent application in Mexico, registrations of trademarks, copyrights and know how.

Our experienced lawyers, consultants and agents of patent and trademark in Mexico provide to our customers legal services such as: patents searches, patent applications PCT in national and international phase, trademark search, renewal of registrations of trademarks in Mexico, protection of software and legal representation in litigation for infringement of Intellectual Property.

We provide a team of professionals is known for his ability to identify and resolve all legal issues related to Intellectual Property matters thar our customers put in our hands in relation to patents, industrial designs and trademarks in Mexico, as well as provide advice on matters relating to technology transfer and commercialization of Intellectual Property assets.

We also offer surveillance technology and excellent services in research of patents, to avoid the infringement of patent rights belonging to others and especially of pharmaceutical patents in Mexico.

The protection of an invention patent in Mexico implies an exclusive right to use the technical solution for a time of twenty years. You have our strong experience in the field of protection of inventions in Mexico, giving advice on the acquisition, operation and exploitation of patent rights in Mexico.

In the area of trademarks assist to you in the process of trademark registration in Mexico in the protection and care of the trademark in Mexico and the renovation of rights the expiration of ten year of force that gives the law in our country . 

Our clients are the multinational corporations, national companies and individual inventors, which derives virtually of the all industrial sectors and to which we witnessed in protecting their trademarks and patents in Mexico.

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Patent Application in Mexico.
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